Limousine for Hire

3780 JPY

Ride around on a Limousine (Limousine fee from 39,800)

It’s your first time in a kimono and you want to make the best of it.  Asakusa is great, but maybe you w…

Ricshaw and Kimono Package

6500 JPY

Full Kimono Set with a Ride on the Rickshaw

Today, rickshaws can be seen across the globe.  From the vast images we see, one might imagine it to be charac…

Basic Kimono Package

4000 JPY

Full kimono set, with everything you need. Discounts for groups over three people.

Putting on a kimono isn’t a easy task.  Putting on a kimono and looking good in it is a whole different …

Couple Set Package

7000 JPY

Discount Plan for Couples and Spouses

For all those lovers out there, looking to elevate your experience.  Donned in elaborate kimonos you’ll …

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